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6 tips to not lose your child

1. Go to recognisable spots

Be sure to put your towel near a recognizable spot, like a pavilion or a missing children pole. These are tall poles with cartoon figures on top. Your child can find you easier this way.

2. Make agreements

When you arrive on your destination, explain to your children what to do when lost. Where they should go when you both notice that you lost each other. Make clear agreements on how far away your child may walk.

3. Pay attention

Probably the most important: pay attention. Keep an eye on your child. It can be very hard to keep an eye on them when it is very busy. You can lose your child in an instance. 

4. Know what your child looks like

When you do lose your child is it important to know how it looks like. The lifeguards can search better when we know what to look for. Take a picture of him in his outfit to know exactly what he looks like that day. In the panic you can completely forget what your child looks like. 

5. Give your child your phone number with him

It is handy when your child has your number on him. At the lifeguard tower we have 06-bands which you can put on your child. You can write your phone number on these. If you child is found by someone, he or she can call you. 

6. Do not dig too deep

A lot of children like to dig on the beach. Make sure to not dig too deep because this can lead to very dangerous situations. Do not dig deeper than waist depth. 

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